If you've found your way here you're interested in technology gadgets or the like!  My name is Adrian but you can call me ChicDivaGeek.  I'm a mother, wife, network engineer, and a tech basically a nerd in real life! I'm fortunate enough that my passion happens to line up with my career so I started my blog to share my tech musings, the latest gadgets, technology news with you!


I'm a firm believer that being a geek or a nerd is a compliment, and that there isn't a certain "way" we look.  Not all nerds look like the "Comic Book Guy" from the Simpsons.  It's all in your passion for technology!  I'm just fortunate enough that my passion, purpose and career all align.

I believe that we should find our purpose and live it.  I'm a huge advocate for women kicking down doors in IT, as well as diversifying this industry.  So I teach coding and computer classes to kids in the local Washington, DC area. Kids can't gravitate to what they aren't exposed to, so I hope that they see IT or any other STEM field as an option.